Friday, October 31, 2008

October 11 has come and gone!

Jim & I have been married for three weeks! I can't believe it! Well actually I can because married life is not that different. Anywho...

The wedding was a great time. My parents and I worked our butts off with all the little details and big check writing. It was a long but great day. I kept trying to tell myself to let the day go by slow. That did not happen at all. Except for the mass. It was the quickest Catholic mass I have ever experienced! Yippie! Various friends and family have sent me some great photos from the day. Here is just a sampling. There is one photo from the professional photographer that I can not wait to share. You'll just have to check back here to see it!

Rehearsal & Dinner

I bought Jim a super duper cool Illinois cake for the rehearsal dinner! It was pretty fantastic if I do say so myself!


I didn't realize how emotional I would be that day! Moments before I walked down the aisle I was pretty nervous. My dear friend Liza's mother, Shanna, had to do breathing exercises with me. I guess it was a pretty important in my life, and I was realizing it!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October is almost over!

Wow I can't believe my last post was August 20. Woops! I guess I have been busy with moving to ABQ, working, and getting married! Things are slowing down and my favorite month of the year is coming to a close. October is my favorite month by far because of the changing leaves, apples and HALLOWEEN. My sister and I would go out of control decorating our house for the best holiday of the year. We had a cemetary in our front yard with home made tombstones. I think my favorite was: Dee Ceased! We were so creative.

Here is ABQ, the apartment is finally coming together with one exception - the 2nd bedroom/office. It is so awful I will not be posting any pictures of it until it is completely done. Until then here are some pictures of the apartment as of current.